I cannot send or receive email from my account

Try to send and receive your mail thirty minutes after you first encountered the problem. Sometimes there are network issues that will clear up in a short period of time. If you still cannot send or receive mail, check your E-Mail settings, and if they appear correct, contact Star Dot Hosting Support to help solve your problem.


If you are using a Microsoft Windows based system, try to perform a simple telnet test :

1. Open a command line window (click start -> run -> type "cmd" and press enter)
2. In the command line window, type "telnet mail.yourdomain.com 25"

If a connection is made, then the problem is likely not with our mail systems and either a connectivity issue or perhaps a mail client issue.

If there is errors or the connection times out, please open a support ticket with us and paste the information from the window , if possible.

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