How does Star Dot Hosting provide for CGI services طباعة

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A /cgi-bin/ is available to run any CGI programs written in Perl or C. It is not necessary to check with Star Dot Hosting when uploading a CGI to the server. Your /cgi-bin/ is available to run most scripts, so long as the script is not malicious to the machine, bandwidth, users, or other as determined by Star Dot Hosting administrators.

In actuality, Star Dot Hosting allows customers to run CGIs in any directory, but we recommend that customers designate one particular directory (such as the default /cgi-bin/) and maintain the proper executable permissions on it. All other directories should remain non-executable. If you are not experienced at changing permissions, simply use the default configuration and your directories will be set up correctly.

Star Dot Hosting also supports scripting tools and languages such as Perl, Python, PHP etc.

MySQL is used for database connectivity and includes a more GUI environment as well as an HTML-like tag language.

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